Allergy, Medical Concept with Selective Focus. Allergy, Medical Concept with Pills, Injections and Syringe. Allergy Diagnosis, Medical Concept. Composition of Medicaments. 3D Render.[/caption] There are two phases to allergen immunotherapy. During the build-up phase, we slowly increase the dosage of allergen you receive. As long as you maintain a consistent schedule of injections and do not experience large local or systemic reactions, we will continue to increase your dosage until you reach the maintenance phase. Most patients will feel benefit from therapy when they get close to the maintenance phase.
The build-up phase:
To increase your dose, you must receive an injection within 14 days of your last injection. If you are unable to receive an injection within the 14-day timeframe, we will adjust your dose according to the number of weeks since your last injection. For example, if you come into the office between day 14 and day 21 since your last injection, we will repeat your previous dose. If you come into the office between day 21 and day 28 after your last injection, we will back you down by 1 dose. If it has been several weeks since your last injection, we will decrease your dose even further. The purpose of reducing your dosage with late injections is to prevent potentially dangerous reactions. Again, if you experience a large local reaction or a systemic reaction even as you follow this schedule, we will decrease your dose. Our goal is maintain your comfort and safety as you progress through therapy.
The maintenance phase:
As you approach the maintenance phase (usually your 1st refill) you will gradually increase the time between shots from 2 weeks, to 3 weeks, and finally to 4 weeks between shots. At maintenance, you will only need to receive a shot every 4 weeks throughout the duration of your therapy. If for some reason, it haw been up to 6 weeks since your last maintenance dose, you can still receive your usual dose. After the 6-week period, however, we will need to decrease your dose.
Eventually, your extracts will either expire or run out. When this occurs, we will refill your extract and decrease your dose by 50%. You will then receive increasing doses over the next 3-4 weeks until you reach your regular maintenance dose. This procedure is done to ensure your safety as you start a new bottle.
If you have questions regarding the timing of your injections, please ask our very helpful and knowledgeable medical assistants.